Diagnosing healthcare markets across the country without big firm hassles


Why 3d Health?

We strategize with hospitals and health systems to get key decisions right.


Demand for Physicians

Are there market opportunities for physicians in your service area? How many and what type of physicians do you need to succeed? What is the impact of population health on demand for physicians?


Medical Staff Development Planning

Do you have current gaps in your medical staff? What are your medical staff succession planning needs? Do you have a Demonstrated Community Need for compliance purposes?


Alignment With Physicians

What types of relationships do you need with your physician base? How should these relationships be structured? What are the economic and compliance implications?


Location of Physicians & Services

What is the best way to move beyond the hospital campus? Where should you place new physicians and services within your market? What existing locations should be expanded or right-sized?


Patient Access

Are your physicians open to new patients? What is the wait time for an appointment? How does access compare to patient expectations?


Market Opportunities

Are there market opportunities for new or niche services in your market? Under what conditions? What are the resulting economics?


Custom Research & Analytics

Does your internal team struggle to find the time and resources to answer all of the strategic questions posed?

3d Health works with hospitals and health systems to get strategic decisions right.