3d Health works with hospitals and health systems to get strategic decisions right - right physicians, partnerships, locations, access, and opportunities.


We take a practical and direct approach to helping our clients establish a competitive advantage and gain market share in their local communities.  

Our clients rely on our precise, market-based research, custom analytics and experience to make critical decisions.  

As a result, our clients are able to attract and retain the right physicians, structure relationships that make sense, optimally place services through-out their community, better understand patient expectations and capture market opportunities. 

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We provide our current and prospective clients with detailed proposals on a per project basis.  Our proposals include the purpose of the engagement, project scope, underlying methodology, experience, timing and a fixed project fee.

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3d Health follows industry news and trends very closely.  We also publish our research and latest thinking, which can be found on our Blog and Facebook.

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Our services reflect our clients' desire for deep expertise rather than suface-level knowledge across a hundred different topics:
  • demand for physicians
    • Are there market opportunities for physicians in your service area?  How many and what type of physicians do you need to succeed?  Do you have a Demonstrated Community Need for compliance purposes? more
  • physician alignment
    • What types of relationships do you need with your physician base?  How should these relationships be structured? more
  • location of physicians and services
    • Where should you place new physicians and services within your market?  What existing locations should be expanded? more
  • patient access
    • Are your physicians open to new patients?  What is the wait time for an appointment?  How does access compare to patient expectations? more
  • market opportunities
    • Are there opportunities for new or niche services in your market?  Under what conditions? What are the resulting economics? more
  • custom research and analytics
    • Does your internal team struggle to find the time and resources to answer all of the strategic questions posed?  Do you want to avoid adding fixed overhead during peak business planning seaons? more