Healthcare Strategy Consulting

Our clients look for deep expertise rather than surface knowledge across a hundred different topics.  Therefore, we focus on Medical Staff Development Planning and Community Needs Assessment, and do it better than anyone in the industry.

Our consulting services include:

Medical Staff Development Planning Physician Alignment
Community Needs Assessment Location of Physicians & Services
Market Opportunities  

All of our services and deliverables reflect:

  • Data-Driven: Data is in our DNA. We source the most accurate data available in the industry and complement it with our own primary research.
  • Market-Based: Strategic decisions are always market-specific.  We work with our clients to craft custom analytics based on their local market reality.
  • Accurate: We do not believe in the 80:20 rule when it comes to our analytics.  The difference between 98% and 80% accurate can be millions of dollars.
  • National Perspective: If you have seen one market, you have seen one market.  We work across the country and have deep expertise within our six areas of focus.
  • Grounded in Reality: All of our strategic recommendations are based on the best available data, custom analytics, our clients' local market reality and what we have personally seen work across the U.S.

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