Community Needs Assessment

  • What is your CMS-defined service area based on patient origin data?
  • What is 100% of service area demand for physician services?
  • What is 100% of service area supply of physicians under the age of 65?
  • What is the resulting surplus or deficit of physicians within the defined service area?
  • Based on the analytics, is there a demonstrated community need for physicians within the service area? In what specialties?

As we continue to work with our clients’ legal counsel across the country, we are finding that the “shelf life” of the Community Needs Assessment has continued to evolve. At this point, our clients are re-defining their CMS service area (the hospital Stark service area or "geographic area served by the hospital") and updating the Community Needs Assessment on an annual basis.

It seems reasonable to assume that the utility of the Community Needs Assessment would decrease in direct proportion to the length of time that has passed since its completion. From 3d Health’s perspective, the assessment is as accurate as possible on the day it is issued.

In order to best serve the needs of our hospital and health system clients, 3d Health offers two approaches to Community Needs Assessments:

  1. We work with clients to complete a comprehensive assessment on an annual basis across 44 different physician specialties and up to 25 pediatric sub-specialties. This approach, often done in concert with a Medical Staff Development Plan, offers the most comprehensive coverage for hospitals with significant recruitment activity.
  2. We issue Single Specialty Studies on a per recruit basis during the course of the year. This approach ensures a determination of community need on a per recruit basis, at the time of recruitment. It also allows for a Community Needs Assessment that reflects the many market changes that take place throughout the year: medical staff retirements, community physician retirements, your hospital’s recruiting activities, and the recruiting activities of competitors within the market.

3d Health is nationally recognized as the preferred firm for completing Community Needs Assessments and Provider Development Plans. We have completed thousands of assessments for hundreds of clients over the last decade and a half.

What sets our data apart?

3d Health projects demand for physician services using our proprietary Physician Demand Model. The model was developed with utilization data purchased from the leading actuarial firm, Milliman. Learn more about what else goes into making our demand model the best in the industry.

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