Community Needs Assessment

As we continue to work with our clients’ legal counsel across the country, we are finding that the “shelf life” of the Community Needs Assessment has continued to evolve. At this point, our clients are typically re-defining their CMS service area (the hospital Stark service area or "geographic area served by the hospital") and updating the Community Needs Assessment on an annual basis.

It seems reasonable to assume that the utility of the Community Needs Assessment would decrease in direct proportion to the length of time that has passed since its completion. From 3d Health’s perspective, the assessment is as accurate as possible on the day it is issued.

What We Do

  • Define your CMS service area based on the Hospital’s most recent patient origin data.
  • Understand the age and gender make-up of the CMS service area.
  • Project the demand for physician services across your CMS service area using 3d Health’s Physician Demand Model.
  • Inventory the supply of physicians, regardless of hospital affiliation, within the CMS service area.
  • Determine whether a “demonstrated community need” exists across each physician specialty within the CMS service area.
  • Issue the industry’s most compliant Community Needs Assessment.

What You Can Expect

  • A Compliant Service Area Definition
  • The Industry’s Most Accurate Community Needs Assessment
  • The Comfort of a Third Party Opinion
  • A Six Week Turn-Around
  • The Option to Complete on a Single Specialty Basis
  • Our 365-Support

What Sets Our Demand Model Apart?

We believe that GMENAC, published surveys and publicly available ratios are both aged and no longer accurate. This is why we have built our proprietary Physician Demand Model.

Our Physician Demand Model

3d Health projects demand for physician services using our proprietary Physician Demand Model. The model was developed with utilization data purchased from the leading actuarial firm Milliman. The commercial physician encounter rates are based on Milliman’s proprietary database from nationwide commercial group data representing encounters from over 550 million-member-months. Medicare encounter rates are based on the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ 5% sample data file, which is comprised of data representing encounters from over 13.8 million-member-months.

3d Health’s baseline Physician Demand Model projects demand for both physician and non-physician provider services for a traditionally managed patient population. The utilization data is age and gender specific across 47 provider specialties, 2 genders and 6 age cohorts – resulting in 564 actuarial rates vs. single use rates. The model is also capable of adjusting the projected demand for physician services across the continuum from loosely to well-managed care, allowing you to better plan for population health management and the expected impact on demand for physician services.

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