Medical Staff Development Planning

  • Are there strategic market opportunities for physicians in your service area? In what specialties and geographies?
  • Given your primary care base and associated patient panel, what portion of the market do you serve? Plan to serve?
  • Considering your primary care base, do you have current gaps in your specialist base? Projecting forward?
  • What are your succession planning needs for both primary care and specialists?
  • How many and what type of providers do you need to care for your patient base? What role do non-physician providers play?
  • What is the impact of population health on demand for physicians?

Provider Development Planning, Medical Staff Development Planning, Physician Resource Planning, Provider Resource Planning, Recruitment Strategy – regardless of what these Plans are called by our clients, the impetus is to project the need for physicians, given a strategic purpose.

There are ten elements that progressive hospitals and health systems consider when projecting the need for physicians and other providers:

  1. Degree and location of market opportunities for physicians
  2. Size and location of a dedicated primary care base
  3. Number of served lives from the primary care base
  4. Required specialists to treat the served lives
  5. Consumerism and differentiation around patient access
  6. Role of the Integrated Medical Group
  7. Impact of population health and a well-managed model of care
  8. NCQA requirements for clients that own Health Plans
  9. Physician perspective on need for providers
  10. Management insight into strategic priorities

Our approach is rooted in the ten elements above and provides a practical assessment that helps you recruit and retain the right mix of physicians for your hospital or health system. We combine physician perspective, senior management insight, real-time market intelligence, best-of-industry data, sophisticated analytics and our national experience to create a meaningful strategic plan.

3d Health is nationally recognized as the preferred firm for completing Medical Staff and Provider Development Plans. We have completed thousands of plans for hundreds of clients over the last decade and a half.

What sets our data apart?

3d Health projects demand for physician services using our proprietary Physician Demand Model. The model was developed with utilization data purchased from the leading actuarial firm, Milliman. Learn more about what else goes into making our demand model the best in the industry.

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