Medical Staff Development Planning


Our Medical Staff Development Planning projects the need for physicians. We develop recruitment recommendations based on your targeted patient population.

Provider Development Planning, Medical Staff Development Planning, Physician Resource Planning, Provider Resource Planning, Recruitment Strategy – regardless of what these plans are called by our clients, the purpose is the same. We project the need for physicians, given a strategic purpose.

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  • Understand senior management and physicians’ opinions on strategy, market opportunities and resulting need for physicians and providers
  • Test patient access to physicians against both Hospitals across the country, as well as patient expectations
  • Identify market opportunities for physicians today, and three years out
  • Calculate served lives given your dedicated primary care base
  • Determine the need for specialists largely from your primary care base
  • Consider served lives growth and aging of your physician base
  • Filter the overall need for physicians based on your strategy
  • Craft three-year recruitment recommendations
  • Leadership interviews
  • A targeted survey across your physician base
  • A secret shopper patient access study
  • Current & projected market need for physicians
  • Your primary care need based on targeted served lives
  • The need for specialists given your primary care base
  • Detailed recruitment recommendations
  • A subscription option
  • Our 365-support